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Regardless of the intention or reasoning, hiding part of one’s self – makes you less proud of being that part. Even if you don’t agree with the reasons of why you’re doing it, the very act of hiding yourself inherently makes you believe that there’s something wrong with you — if part of you needs hiding.
Jewish in Jordan

I don’t remember how I came across that blog and why I wrote down this quote. But it resonates with me again yesterday. I was just filling out a form and came across the question "religion". And I was debating with myself whether to write Jewish or not. This time it does not impact only myself, but also my family. And who knows if at some point it may become dangerous to be Jewish again, so why write it, when I can just leave the field empty. But on the other hand, I don’t want to hide. I am not ashamed. There is nothing wrong with us. But still, there is this nagging voice "don’t do it!".