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Ok, today I just want to rant a bit about privileged people who don’t even realize how privileged they are. I know I am privileged too because I have money, work, food, a home, don’t live in a war zone, etc. But here I want to talk about "Jewish" privilege. I have recently met some people from a US city with a large Jewish community. They were kind, open, friendly, and all of that stuff. But totally incapable of understanding how it is to live in real galut (exile). They have everything! And they don’t even realise it!

In my city there is one synagogue. I am not saying "one orthodox synagogue" or "one that I go to". There is this one place. And I am lucky that there is one. Actually, there is this one in the whole state! If you don’t like it – tough luck. There is no kosher restaurant, cafe or shop. There are no hechshers (kosher symbols). There is a list of stuff that the rabbinate deems kosher. [Yes, I know, I’m privileged that my country has a rabbinate and at least some supervision of kosher products!] If I held by kosher wine or bread, I would need to order it over the internet.

The Jewish community is tiny. There are not 1000 activities, camp, clubs, groups of every kind. There is pretty much nothing. Not even a minyan on weekdays and sometimes we struggle to have one on Shabat. What we have is a security guard at the front door and a police car outside 24/7. There are no kipa-wearing teachers, lawyers, politicians. Actually, outside of synagogue or Limmud I have never met anybody who wears a kipa. Or who is even Jewish. I have always been the only Jew in my school, my faculty, my work place. Nobody knows real live Jews or Judaism. Being Jewish is not cool. It’s not even remotely normal!

So, dear US Jews, acknowledge what you have and be grateful!!