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Disclaimer: I am not connected to Sefaria in any way, this is just the enthusiastic sharing of something I discovered.

I have recently discovered Sefaria, a "living library of Jewish texts" according to their self-description. They have the texts of many classic Jewish sources, the Tanakh (bible), the Mishna and Talmud, many of the commentaries and even some of the important halachic works like the Shulchan Aruch. Some are only available in the Hebrew original, but for a few there is an English translation. The interface is intuitive and clear and the font looks nice.

And finally, the best feature: They have a source sheet creator! So I have tried to produce my first sheet and seen that many of my sources are only available in Hebrew. But you can add your own translations and even make them available to the community! So when I have more time, I will do that and publish the sources sheet.