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Some famous person mentions Mercy’s beet juice on TV and the whole town goes crazy about buying stocks of the Mercy beet company. Thanks to Yasir new phone he accidentally sells all his shares just before the bubble bursts.

The last episode had gambling as its topic and some may see investing in stocks as similar. As such there are those Jewish voices who view it in a similarily negative light (The Lubavitcher rebbe on Investing in Stocks). The prophets warned against those who get rich by speculating on disaster and by exploiting the poor (Rabbi Asher Meir: Jews and the Stock Market). Also, Jews are forbidding from taking interest for lending money to other Jews, so depending on the exact nature of the investment that may also be an issue (Rabbi Asher Meir: Halakhot of Investing in the Stock Market). To summarize, while investing in the stock market is not outright forbidden, a Jewish investor should take care and think about where and how to invest ethically.