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Yasir builds a Gazebo which Baber turns into an archelogical excavation. Rayyan helps Amaar to plan "Islamapalooza" (the youth day of the mosque) where no one turns up in the end because in his attempt to get people to come, Amaar infects them all with the cold he’s having. And Sarah wins 5000 dollars in the lottery, which upsets Rayyan as gambling is forbidden by Islam.

Best quote:

Mayor: When someone is more pious than you, there is only one thing you can do.
Sarah: Aspire to their level?
Mayor: Of course not. Drag her down to yours!

Like in Islam (and Christianity, by the way), gambling is no favourite in Judaism. As nobody expects to loose, winning money from someone is like stealing. Gambling is not considered a productive activity. There are opinions though that allow buying a lottery ticket or taking part in lottery-like activities for charity, the reason being that you fully expect to loose the money, but you loose gladly as you know the money goes to a good cause (Aish on Gambling).

So is someone who buys lots of lottery tickets a bad Jew? Well, maybe some would see it that way, but I guess there are many more important things to consider.