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Baber and Yasir want to make some money by getting people to buy graves in their new Muslim section on the graveyard. In the B-plot, Sarah makes a mess out of community announcements.

Best quote:

Fatima: A Muslim likes to be buried with other Muslims. On his right side.
Fred: What, is it better for your back?

Burials are a big topic. Everybody wants to be buried in the right part of the cemetery and having control over who gets to be buried there is a huge instrument of power. The rabbi in my community managed several times to get everybody to fight over the question of who gets to be buried where. Personally, I’m probably too young to understand the importance, but I get that there’s a whole lot of politics involved.

So, apart from being in the correct section of the right graveyard, what else is there? First, burial is the way to go, cremation is frowned upon in Judaism, just like in Islam. Muslims are buried facing Mecca, Jewish graves do not necessarily face Jerusalem, but many people choose to get buried in the land of Israel or get some earth from Israel to be put in their graves. There is a tradition (no idea about the source) that the dead in Israel will be the first to rise and another one that when the Messiah comes all the dead will dig through the earth until they reach Israel – so you save yourself a lot of trouble if you are buried there! I’m not aware of any rule that says you have to be buried in a specific position, but all parts of a person should be buried. So this is why there’s an organization in Israel that goes to a lot of trouble to retrieve all body parts from the victims of terror attacks. But you are allowed to donate organs under certain conditions (see this post).

That’s I know about graveyards and burials, sorry it isn’t much.