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It’s this time of year again…

I’ve written about specific vegetables and whether they are kitniot extensively in the past (check my kitniot index page). This year I will just add a few stories about kitniot madness from Israel.

Exhibit 1 (see also my post on cottonseed oil):

‘Is the Cottonseed Oil not Kosher for Pesah?,’ I asked. ‘Oh, No!,’ he replied. ‘It’s got this, this, this, this and this famous hekhsher.’ ‘So why is it so much less money?’ ‘Oh,’ he replied,’ that’s easy. A lot of people won’t buy it, because it sounds like kitniyyot.’
(My Obiter Dicta: Of Cotton and Kitniyyot)

Exhibit 2 (the Hebrew means "only for those that eat kitniot"):

At the nearest grocery store, I grabbed two bottles of water (and the de rigeur bottle of Diet Coke). When I brought them back, my wife (who’s more perceptive than I) noticed that the water was ‘לאוכלי קטניות בלבד’ (i.e. for certain Sephardim). I looked more closely at the bottle, and saw that it was slightly flavored (Lemon-Lime). So, not a little irked, I checked the ingrediants. Surprise! There was nothing in the water that was distantly related to qitniyot!
(My Obiter Dicta: Enough is Enough! (On Qitniyot and Perversion))

And the final answer to the question of why the above non-kitniot items are still asur (forbidden) for some people:

Well, there you have it. As the Rov ז”ל used to say: Some things are assur because they’re stupid, and it’s assur to be stupid.
(My Obiter Dicta: Of Cotton and Kitniyyot)