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In my last post I said that in my opinion everybody should think about the issue of kitniot and make her/his own list of things that she/he considers kitniot. Here are some points to keep in mind when you do that:

  • Many great scholars have ruled that the original list of kitniot species should not be extended (e.g., flax, sesame, poppy seeds).
  • Species that were unknown at the time of the minhag should not be included in the minhag (e.g., soy, quinoa, peanuts).
  • Green vegetables are not kitniot (e.g., string beans, peas in their pods).
  • Most scholars rule that kitniot oils are permitted for consumption (e.g., canola oil, cottonseed oil).

[for more reading check Rabbi Dov Lior: Special Laws for Pesach, Chabad: Know Thy Beans – Kitniyos in the Modern World, OU: Curious about Kitniyot?]