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Every year before Pesach, the debate around kitniot starts again. I have written about what kitniot are and where they come from before and about whether different food items are kitniot (check the index page of kitniot posts). I don’t want to argue about whether the minhag makes sense or what the exact list of kitniot may be. Everybody has to decide that for her/himself, fix a list of things she/he considers kitniot and stick to it.

But the important point I want to make clear again this year is that kitniot are not chametz! If you are Ashkenazi and follow the minhag, you can not eat them, but you are allowed to …

  • keep kitniot in the house, buy them or sell them.
  • feed kitniot to young children, ill people or pets.
  • use non-food products that contain kitniot.
  • eat from plates that had kitniot on them (e.g., in the non-kitniot-keeping-but-otherwise-kosher-le-pesach house of a friend).
  • take medicine that contains kitniot.
  • eat things were some kitniot accidentally fell in, Kitniot are batel beRov, i.e., nullified if there is a majority of non-kitniot.

Really!! This is unambiguous orthodox halacha!

[for more reading check Rabbi Dov Lior: Special Laws for Pesach, Chabad: Know Thy Beans – Kitniyos in the Modern World, OU: Curious about Kitniyot?]