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menu of food items to prepare is muktzah because you may write
This one wins in the category of most intriguing question. Although I’m not clear yet on what exactly the question is.

coasher step
This one wins in the category of best portmanteau. Composed of kosher and yasher koach (good luck) it is the name of our new coasher step-by-step program!

animated bear with tuxedo
slifkin kangaroo
It was hard to decide between these two for the winner in the category cutest animal, so I chose them both.

“conditions of treaty renewal have not changed”
Happy to hear that!
Er… what treaty are we talking about?
Maybe let’s take that discussion offline…

original thoughts on birkat hamazon
Winner of failed attempted plagiarism – failed because unfortunately there are no such original thoughts on this blog as far as I’m aware of.

blonde converted judaism
It was hard to decide on a category for this one, but it’s definitely a winner. Let’s call the category funniest racist prejudice. But, sorry, I’m not blonde. Also not converted yet. So, you got the wrong blog.

And finally the two winners in the category Hebrew:

pronounce גלש
You could try glas, gles, glash, glesh, galash, gelesh, galesh, gelash, gulash, gales, geles, gels, … or a dictionary!

gimel vav tav
Ende gut alles gut [All’s well that ends well].