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is llama kosher
vicuna kosher
As far as I know llamas and vicuñas have the same type of hooves as camels (not split), which means they are not kosher.

warthog chews cud
No, like pigs, warthogs do not chew their cud.

are beetles kosher
No (whatever type of beetle you had in mind, the answer is the same, no beetle is kosher).

is a spring bok meat kosher
is zebu kosher
okapi is kosher
buffalo kosher animal
is texas longhorn kosher animals
Yes, in principle (texas longhorn is a type of cattle, all types of cattle are kosher, the other animals are explicitly discussed in the linked post). But it may be hard to get meat that has been slaughtered and processed properly.

list of exotic kosher animal
animals surprisingly kosher
My post on kosher land animals lists a few and also some people may be surprised by the list of kosher insects.

are raw pumpkin seeds kosher
Yes, provided they are split 😉
No, that was a joke, any vegetable/seed/fruit that hasn’t been processed is kosher [some special rules may apply for products of the land of Israel].