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I’m just sad when reading the news. Or angry and sad. Why? One example from today:

Israel und die Palästinensergebiete werden seit Wochen von neuer Gewalt erschüttert. Bislang wurden knapp 50 Palästinenser sowie ein arabischer und acht jüdische Israelis getötet.
(Erneute Messerattacke in Israel, Tagesschau 22.10.2015)


For weeks, Israel and the Palestinian territories have been unsettled by a new wave of violence. To this date, nearly 50 Palestinians, one Arab Israeli and eight Jewish Israelis have been killed.

What they don’t mention is that the 50 Palestinians were mostly killed while they were attacking others and the killed Israelis were mostly just random people going about their business. The image that the news paint is more along the lines of "both sides kill each other" and "as always, there are more Palestinians killed". I don’t even have the energy to talk to people about it any more, I’m so tired of it all.