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Yasir’s mother visits and wants him to take a second wife. Sarah is understandably upset about Yasir’s inability to say no to his mother and moves out. Yasir draws up a "prenup" which forbids additional wives and rescues his marriage. Meanwhile Mercy’s conservatives are in uproar against Reverend Magee performing a gay marriage ceremony.

Gay marriage. The ultimate topic to unite conservatives across boundaries of faith, race and background. Next to the Muslim Baber and the (presumably) Christian Joe, an orthodox Jew would fit right into the "crowd" of protesters. Amaar’s statement that the union of two men is way outside the definition of Muslim marriage could just as well come from an orthodox rabbi. But on the other hand, in liberal Judaism you have rabbis who like Magee officiate at same-sex marriages – you even have gay rabbis. I’m not sure that exists in Islam, but I am no expert on Islam.

I can see a Lebanese Jewish mother pick on her blonde, converted Canadian daughter-in-law the same way mother Hamoudi picks on Sarah. As for polygamy, well, technically it would be allowed for sephardi Jews, but I don’t think it is practiced anywhere anymore. Not having a prenup is totally realistic for Jewish couples as well. I’m not sure the traditional Ketubah covers polygamy. What the Ketubah does cover is the "duties of the husband" towards his wife – what I guess Sarah’s last amendment to Yasir’s retroactive prenup was about.