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This is another recommendation about a series. It is called "Little Mosque on the Prairie" and is a sitcom about a mosque somewhere in rural Canada and their struggles. It is a fun way to explore Islam. The characters are lovable and understandable and there is more depth to it that to many other series (although it is still a sitcom). Many serious topic like discrimination, racial profiling, the clash of tradition and modernity and being a minority come up, but in a light way that does not try to give moral lessons.

You might ask what the connection to Judaism is. Well, there are not really any Jews in there. But I can relate to two points. I guess in a city like New York or London it is normal to be a Jew (or a Muslim). I do live in a city and there are plenty of immigrants from all over the world and you see muslims all the time, but there are no Jews (at least none that are visibly Jewish). So I can relate very much to the feeling of being "strange". And also, my community is small and divided, just like the mosque in the series. Too small to split up, but too many opinions to get along. And in many aspects Islam is really similar to Judaism I have discovered!

So if you are bored and looking for something small to watch, give "Little Mosque on the Prairie" a try.