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And again headcovering… many people I know equate head coverings with uglyness and hiding your beauty. While there of course is an element of hiding, I personally find some of the covered women I see are very beautiful. I especially noticed that when I was watching the series Little Mosque on the Prairie and out of boredom searched the internet for more information about the actors. These are two pictures of the same person (Sitara Hewitt aka Rayyan Hamoudi in the series). She’s definitely not ugly in the first picture (I intentionally found a nice one!), but isn’t she more beautiful and regal in the second (which is just a random picture from the series web page)?

(If you want to see non-beautiful pictures with her hair and more visible, which I won’t put here in order to keep this blog suited for all audiences, go to her personal web page. If you want to see more nice pictures with head coverings, try the page of the series.)