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I’ve tried out headscarves a few times during the last weeks and have had a few interesting reactions (both positive and negative) I wanted to share with you (in the order they happened):

  • A friend of a friend asking me to show her how to do what I did, because the thought it was so beautiful.
  • A drunk man in a park repeatedly shouting "foreigners out" while walking towards me – I left pretty quickly.
  • A delivery guy who asked whether I have a European passport or would receive one once I marry (I was a bit offended, but my boyfriend thought it’s a compliment about my exotic looks).
  • A friend asking me whether I know the Wrapunzel blog (yes!!).
  • A coworker I greeted in passing who turning around, followed me up the stairs and asked "what’s that????" with a perplexed expression.

I also got a few strange looks in trains, busses and the city. Probably not only because I don’t look Arab or Turkish, but also because I wear short sleeves and a shorter skirt than muslim women would. But from my friends and coworkers who saw me, I mostly got no reaction at all. Which is what I prefer.