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Lately I have been watching lots of videos about hair covering on Youtube (amazing how addictive that can be!) and I’ve read basically every post on the Wrapunzel blog. When I first heard about hair covering for women I chalked it up as one of the crazy ultra-orthodox stuff I’d never do. But lately I have been strangely attracted to the concept.

I don’t really think I am halachically required to cover, after all, I live in an area where women don’t cover their hair, so it’s not considered sexually attracting in mainstream culture. My husband-to-be is not going to care. It’s not something usually done in the Jewish community here. So why would I want to?

Difficult to explain. What got me thinking about it were two things. The first was a comment on Facebook. I have long hair, but I usually wear it tied back in some non-fancy get-out-of-my-eyes way. Someone put a picture of me on Facebook with my hair open and a stained glass window putting colored lights in it. And some (male) fellow student commented something like "wow, your hair is so beautiful, we never really see it". I had never really thought about my hair as something beautiful, I’ve never put any effort into styling it. It was just there and getting in the way. So that was strange. The second was not one incident, I spent some time in Egypt where many of the women were covering their hair. I had some great discussions with them, learned how to tie a hijab and wore it on some the tours, just for fun. And I found that it kept my hair out of the way, was great protection from the sun and I liked the way I looked.

So… to cover or not to cover? I don’t know. I like myself with a head covering and I like having my hair out of the way and being protected from the sun. But I am going to really stick out and people will think I’m an oppressed muslim house-wife all the time. So I don’t know whether I will really do it.