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I spent Easter at my (non-Jewish) boyfriend’s family and as you probably know Pessach started on Easter this year. I was reluctant to go at first, because things get so complicated in a non-kosher kitchen on Pesach, but my boyfriend talked me into going and so I went with my own dishes and lots of stuff (we went by car, so this was possible, yay!).

The original plan was that the family do their thing and I prepare my own food, but as his mother wasn’t feeling so well, we changed plans. So "we young people" prepared all of the meals – "we" pretty soon meaning myself alone. This setup made meals much easier and there were very few screw-ups, but it meant that I basically spent the whole time in the kitchen. Next year I’ll definitely cook in advance and come with a bag full of prepared meals that I only have to heat!

So what did I cook? Indian potato curry, Spanish tortilla, imam bayildi (Turkish eggplant dish), carrot salad, potatoes with cream cheese, carrot soup with ginger. I also ordered egg matza with onion this year which turned out to be very yummy.

An advantage of going away for (most of) Pesach was that it made cleaning easier. Of course I still had to clean, but I didn’t have to empty out the kitchen to make space for the Pesach stuff, and I didn’t have to kasher the oven and stove for use on Pesach. I used the time I saved to prepare the hagada and it was the best-prepared seder I have ever done. Yay again 🙂