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It starts with a funny discussion/rant about the logic of kitniot, then a small song. Have fun!

A few comments:

  • "it looks like a grain" is also among the reasons given for kitniot. Crop rotation explains why legumes (beans, peas, etc) became kitniot, but I don’t think it fits for rice or millet. Here the similarity to grain is a better explanation.
  • There’s way more reason to forbid maize/corn than potatoes because corn is actually botanically in the same category as the grains that become chametz (see my post on maize/corn).
  • Actually that people make peanuts kitniot is a good example for his argument that kitniot is a custom and a decree by rabbis. Although Rabbi Moshe Feinstein decreed them to be non-kitniot, the people want them to be kitniot (see my post on peanuts). It seems people like to expand the list of kitniot.
  • Not all kitniot are beans, rice is isn’t a bean, it’s a cereal grain. Botanically speaking if we were to say that beans and cereal grains can be kitniot, this would mean we should make peanuts and corn kitniot, but not quinoa and coffee (see also my posts on quinoa and coffee). That might be a semi-rational route to take, but it’s still somewhat logical.

Other that that I pretty much agree that if people want to continue to not eat kitniot, that’s fine, but don’t expand the list every year!