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I am currently watching an Israeli series called “Shtisel" (שטיסל). It takes place in a charedi (ultraorthodox) neighborhood in Jerusalem. But it’s not your usual frum-versus-secular thing. The series offers a glimpse into the life of some people who happen to have a lifestyle that appears very foreign to us but in the end they are just people like we are.

The actors themselves are not orthodox, but apparently they have done quite some research to keep it as close to the real world as possible. The series has won many prices in Israel. You can watch the trailer on youtube:

The first and second episode are also available on youtube. From there on you can continue watching on Sdarot.tv.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my knowledge of Hebrew?) I haven’t been able to find English subtitles, so I’m watching in Hebrew with frequent pauses to look up things in a dictionary. But so far I love it (I’m in the middle of the first season)!