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Another fun word game (if you are new to this, read my first post on word derivation fields first):

The root letters of גל, refer to things which move or are removed. In English, to reveal, a wave, a wheel, feces, to cut off and exile, have no word connection. But in Hebrew, reveal – gimel lamed vav tav, wave – gimel lamed, wheel – gimel lamed gimel lamed (double gimel lamed because it’s always moving), feces (removed from the body) – gimel lamed lamed, cut off – gimel lamed vav ches, exile – gimel lamed vav tav.

The alphabetically sorted (by three-letter root) version:

גל — gimmel lamed — gal — wave
גלגל — gimmel lamed gimmel lamed — galgal — wheel
גלל — gimmel lamed lamed — ? — feces [* see below]
גלוח — gimmel lamed vav chet — ? — to cut off [* see below]
גלות — gimel lamed vav tav — galut — to reveal [* see below]
גלות — gimel lamed vav tav — galut — exile

Errors (as far as I can tell with my dictionary, I’m not a native speaker): For "feces" my dictionary has "glalim" (same root). In "to reveal" there is a copy/paste error, the given word is "exile", "to reveal" is "gilah" (same two-letter root). My dictionary offers many things for "cut off", none of them connected to gimmel lamed. The root "gimmel lamed chet" occurs as a verb "gileach" which means "to shave" though — close enough in meaning.

Omissions, i.e., other words with gimmel lamed not on the list:
גל — gimmel lamed — gal — pile
גל — gimmel lamed — gal — to be happy
גלגל — gimmel lamed gimmel lamed — gilgel — to roll
גלב — gimmel lamed bet — galav — hairdresser
גלד — gimmel lamed daled — geled — (botany) scale leaf
גלד — gimmel lamed daled — geled — crust, scab
גלה — gimmel lamed he — galah — to be exiled
גלח — gimmel lamed chet — galach — (literary) priest
גלי — gimmel lamed yud — gali — wavy, undulating
גלל — gimmel lamed lamed — galel — to roll up (also the Torah)
גלם — gimmel lamed mem — golem — golem; dummy
גלם — gimmel lamed mem — gilem — to embody
גלף — gimmel lamed fe — gilef — to engrave
גלש — gimmel lamed shin — galash — to boil over
גלש — gimmel lamed shin — galash — to ski, skate, browse

Semantic coherence: We have movement (wave, wheel, to roll, wavy, to roll up, to ski) and removal (to shave, feces, exile, to be exiled, hairdresser? [removes your hair], to reveal? [remove the mystery]). Plus a few things related to the removal of movement, i.e., static things (pile, scale leaf, crust, to engrave? [tombstones?]). And things I have no idea how to fit into this, not even as a joke: priest, to embody, golem, to be happy, to boil over.

Already the premise that there should be a connection rests on the (coincidental?) English connection between move and remove. Wouldn’t a connection between movement (tezuzah btw, no gimmel, no lamed) and something like walking or sports be more intutive? And between removal and waste or partitioning or something? Sorry, don’t get this one at all.