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Dear missionaries, please do not attempt to link to my page or post comments that link to your page. I am not a Christian no do I intend to become one. In my opinion, "Messianic Judaism" is just a cover to get Jews to convert to Christianity (and maybe a waypoint for Christians who want to discover their "Jewish roots" and still be Christian). It has nothing to do with Judaism.

I am smart enough to know that something is fishy if a "Jewish" page talks excessively about redemption, the messiah, lambs, Yesaia and such stuff. Judaism does not believe that we are all born as sinners (see why) and that some human being had to die to grant us atonement (see why). Judaism has requirements that the messiah needs to fulfill and surely the person Christians claim as their messiah did not fulfill them (see why). You don’t fool me by putting some misspelled Hebrew on your page.

You are wasting your time and mine. So please leave me alone.