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In this post we are matching word values to reality to prove that the language Hebrew is divine. The first claim goes as follows:

Hand is יָד (yad) in Hebrew. The numerical value of yud-dalet is 14. We have 14 joints in our hand. Amazing!

It actually is true that we have 14 bones called phalanges in each hand. But this count includes only the fingers! Finger is אֶצְבַּע (etzba) in Hebrew, the numerical value of alef-tzade-bet-ayin is 163. If you count all bones in your hand, there should be 27 (Wikipedia:Hand), so we need additional letters (I’m open to suggestions).

Another one:

Pregnancy is הֵרָיוֹן (herayon) in Hebrew. The numerical value of he-resh-yud-vav-nun is 271. 271 days is the approximate amount of time that a woman is pregnant. Amazing!

For the duration of pregnancy the value 271 is reasonable, but it is not the only choice. A cursory reading of the Wikipedia article on pregnancy gives values of 268, 280/281, and 283/284 as reasonable choices, but as giving birth is not an exact science we could chose any value from that range, so no big coincidence that the word has this exact value.

In fact, English is divine too and I have proof! Set a=1, b=2, …, j=10, …, s=100 and so on (just like in Hebrew). Then the numerical value for "beget a child" is (2+5+7+5+200)+1+(3+8+9+30+4) = 219+1+54 = 274! Amazing!

I apologize to all of you who take gematria seriously. But please don’t waste gematria on nonsense like this!