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Israel has
– Arabic as second official language
– Arab parties in the parliament (United Arab List; Balad; Ta’al; …)
– therefore Arab members of the parliament
– Arab judges in the supreme court (retired Abdel Rahman Zuabi; Salim Joubran)
– Arab diplomats (ex-ambassador to Finland, now ambassador to Greece Ali Yahya; Walid Mansour; ex-vice consul in San Francisco Ishmael Khaldi; …)
– Arab soldiers serving in the army (mandatory service for Druze and volunteers from other minorities)
– Arab high-ranking military (ex-Major General Yusuf Mishleb; Major General Hussain Fares, …)
– Arab singers who represent Israel at the Eurovision (Mira Awwad 2009)
– Arab finalists in the Miss Israel contest (Angelina Fares 2007)
– Arab control over the temple mount and the Muslim holy sites (Temple mount management and access)

This does not mean that Arabs are not discriminated in Israel ever, there is a problem there (for a positive view read Philippe Assouline: Telling Israel like it is – in Arabic). But there is no "Apartheid", no institutionalized "second-class citizenship".