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I don’t want to get into discussions about evolution and whether it is true or not. In this post I just want to highlight an important point that tends to get lost in these types of discussions. Accepting the scientific explanation of something does not mean that automatically G-d plays zero role. I’ll give the word to someone who expresses this much better than I could:

3) How can we accept scientific explanations for how animal life came about? It was God who made everything!
We have a science of meteorology, but that does not stop us from saying that God “makes the wind blow and the rain fall.” We have a science of medicine, but this does not stop us from saying that God “heals the sick.” We have documented history of the process involved in winning the ’67 war, but this does not stop us from talking about God’s miraculous hand. God can work through meteorology, through medicine, through history, and through developmental biology. This is why it makes no difference if the neo-Darwinian explanation of the mechanism for evolution is true or not.
(R. Slifkin: Ten Questions on Evolution and Judaism)

As a small add-on: There are always things we cannot fully understand with science. Some people recover from cancer, some don’t. There is chance involved in the scientific explanation of evolution. It is perfectly fine to have G-d responsible for what we don’t understand or whenever we talk about "chance". Accepting science does not mean to reject G-d.