Why Conservative Judaism?

I have been asked this at my "interview" with the local Jewish community leaders and didn’t have a particularily good answer. So I’ll be collecting some answers here from around the net and next time I’ll be prepared and have a more convincing answer. Here’s the first one:

It’s what I love. It’s the way I’ve been given this meaning of my life. I can’t imagine life without the Torah and I can’t imagine living with the Tora any other way than having totally free, honest, open, passionate discussions about Tora that seem to me to be very distinctive to conservative Jewish life.
(Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen of The Jewish Theological Seminary, starting at 1:10)

And another one:

We are called, I believe, as Conservative/Masorti Jews, to bring Sinai and Torah with us everywhere we go. We stand on the shoulders of giants and are called to be giants of yiddishkeit ourselves, mitzvah heroes […] who care about Torah with open eyes and actual decisions. We challenge the inherited halacha and embrace the tension of holding onto ideals without rejecting new authentic possibilities. We retranslate the triumphalist Aleinu’s "literal" meaning and still sing it. (Rabbi Menachem Creditor)

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