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12 Tribes of Israel Map
[(c) Richardprins]

After Moses’ death, Joshua ben Nun took over for him and led the 12 tribes into the land of Israel. Starting point is on the east side of the Jordan river (they didn’t really take the shortest route!). Mainly the book describes how one city/state after the other falls to the Israelites’ conquest (until chapter 12) and when this is done how the land is distributed between the tribes (look it up in a map in the tribal allotments of Israel article on Wikipedia) and the cities of refuge are instated. The book ends with Joshua’s death when he is 110 years old.


  • The spies in Jericho: Isralite spies were hidden by Rahab, a prostitute, and let her and her family live (Joshua 2:1-22, Joshua 6:22-25).
  • Splitting of the Jordan: The waters of the Jordan river stop when the priests enter the water with the ark of the covenant so that all the people can pass (Joshua 3:1-4:24).
  • Destruction of Jerich: The walls of Jericho crumbled when the Israelites blew their trumpets (Joshua 6:1-26).
  • Zelophehad’s daughters get their inheritance: Remember the women fighting for their piece of the land in Numbers/Bamidbar 27:1-11? They also get their share of the land (Joshua 17:3-4).

You can read the complete book of Joshua in parallel English and Hebrew at Mechon Mamre or Chabad (with Rashi).