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Because I am very forgetful and English is not my native language, here the five grains:

  • Wheat (Weizen):
    Wheat plants
    (c) Bluemoose
    Wheat grains
  • Barley (Gerste):

    Barley plants

    photo (c) Lucash

    Barley grains

    photo (c) Rasbak
  • Spelt (Dinkel):

    Spelt plants

    photo (c) Sten


    photo (c) Ziko
  • Rye (Roggen)


    photo (c) LSDSL

  • Oats (Hafer):

    Oat plants

    photo (c) Henrik Sendelbach

    Oat grains

    photo (c) Rasbak

If you are interested in botany: It is not so clear to which grains the mishna is actually referring, as the exact meaning of the Hebrew names has been lost over time. The Hebew is as follows: שיפון (shifon), כוסמין (kusmin), חיטים (chittim), שעורים (se’orim) and שיבולת שועל (shibbolet shu’al). Only wheat (chittim) and barley (se’orim) are definite. You can read more about this at the daily daf: Are Oats Really one of the 5 Species of Grain? – When Science and Halakha Collide.